What You'll Learn:

  • Understand Your Back Pain

    Learn what can cause back pain, when back pain can be dangerous, and common myths about back pain.

  • Take Action

    Learn the most effective ways to recover from back pain using our free action plan.

  • Live Life on Your Own Terms

    A proven methodology for overcoming your back pain and getting back to doing what you love!

What You'll Get:

Bonus Material!

  • 10 Mobility Exercises

    10 Simple mobility exercises to leave your back feeling great.

  • LIVE Q & A

    Weekly LIVE Q & A sessions with Dr. Nate in a facebook community group.

  • Top 8 Pain Resources PDF

    Links to some of our favorite back pain resources.

We know back pain is frustrating and can be all-consuming.

We've helped hundreds of people with back pain recover to feel confident, strong, and optimistic about their physical abilities.


“I honestly felt like an invalid before I started working out with you.” “I now recognize how strong I actually am.” Carol is a huge success story. She went from having severe back pain every day to reducing it by up to 75% and getting off pain meds! She’s now able to lift over 75# and is 74 years young. 


“I’ve got a family history of back issues… I’m worried that if I lift too heavy, that will be me.” Dean knew that he needed to get into better shape but he was concerned that he would injure his back if he started lifting weights. He’s now lifting over 135# with no issues and is getting stronger by the week!


Ed is a cyclist and former ultra-marathoner. He was dealing with some severe sciatica down his right leg which has since improved dramatically. He still has a ways to go before he’s pain free however here is an example of what we’ve been doing to address his issues. This is a nerve glide that he is performing and its purpose is to allow the nerves to move more freely. 


“I want to get strong.” Steve has dealt with various back issues for a long time. He decided that it was time to improve his overall strength and get into better shape as he does NOT want to undergo another surgery. He’s now able to row the ENTIRE stack at the gym. He’s a beast!

Ready to overcome your back pain?

Your Back Pain Expert and Instructor

Instructor, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Nathan Kadlecek

Nathan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, athlete, powerlifter, back pain expert, movement optimist, and a health resiliency evangelist. He has helped 100’s of people overcome their pain and get back to their sports and active lifestyle and is currently the owner of Kadalyst Wellness and Physical Therapy in Monterey, CA, a health, wellness, and physical therapy company. He’s on a mission to fix America’s broken healthcare system by educating people about pain, self-efficacy, self-determination, and how to get strong.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and What to Expect

    • A message from Dr. Nathan Kadlecek, your instructor


    • Getting Started Guide

    • 1. A Quick Question

  • 2

    Back Pain Education

    • Who gets back pain? A story of two past clients.

    • 2. A Quick Question

    • What causes back pain?

    • 3. A Quick Question

    • What does my MRI and X-ray tell me?

    • 4. A Quick Question

    • Should I be concerned about my back pain?

    • 5. A Quick Question

    • What role does fear play in an experience of back pain?

    • 6. A Quick Question

    • When are surgery and injections a good option?

    • 7. A Quick Question

  • 3

    Take Action!

    • What can I do about my back pain?

    • Movement Screening — Sitting

    • Movement Screening — Standing

    • 15 Stretches For You to Test Out

    • Action steps questions

  • 4

    Next Steps For Long Term Success

    • This Course is Free Forever, Let's Serve One Million People!

    • Congratulations on Completing The Course!